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 * FILE:     auddev_oss.h
 * AUTHOR:   Orion Hodson
 * Copyright (c) 1998-2001 University College London
 * All rights reserved.
 * $Id: auddev_oss.h,v 1.16 2001/01/08 20:29:49 ucaccsp Exp $

#ifndef _AUDDEV_OSS_H_
#define _AUDDEV_OSS_H_

int  oss_audio_open       (audio_desc_t ad, audio_format* ifmt, audio_format *ofmt);
void oss_audio_close      (audio_desc_t ad);
void oss_audio_drain      (audio_desc_t ad);
int  oss_audio_duplex     (audio_desc_t ad);
void oss_audio_set_igain   (audio_desc_t ad, int gain);
int  oss_audio_get_igain   (audio_desc_t ad);
void oss_audio_set_ogain (audio_desc_t ad, int vol);
int  oss_audio_get_ogain (audio_desc_t ad);
void oss_audio_loopback   (audio_desc_t ad, int gain);
int  oss_audio_read       (audio_desc_t ad, u_char *buf, int buf_bytes);
int  oss_audio_write      (audio_desc_t ad, u_char *buf, int buf_bytes);
void oss_audio_non_block  (audio_desc_t ad);
void oss_audio_block      (audio_desc_t ad);

void         oss_audio_oport_set   (audio_desc_t ad, audio_port_t port);
audio_port_t oss_audio_oport_get   (audio_desc_t ad);
int          oss_audio_oport_count (audio_desc_t ad);
const audio_port_details_t*
             oss_audio_oport_details (audio_desc_t ad, int idx);

void         oss_audio_iport_set   (audio_desc_t ad, audio_port_t port);
audio_port_t oss_audio_iport_get   (audio_desc_t ad);
int          oss_audio_iport_count (audio_desc_t ad);
const audio_port_details_t*
             oss_audio_iport_details (audio_desc_t ad, int idx);

int  oss_audio_is_ready  (audio_desc_t ad);
void oss_audio_wait_for  (audio_desc_t ad, int delay_ms);
int  oss_audio_supports  (audio_desc_t ad, audio_format *fmt);

/* Functions to get names of oss devices */
int         oss_audio_init      (void);             /* This fn works out what we have           */
int         oss_get_device_count(void);             /* Then this one tells us the number of 'em */
char       *oss_get_device_name (audio_desc_t idx); /* Then this one tells us the name          */

#endif /* _AUDDEV_OSS_H_ */

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