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 * FILE:    playout.h
 * AUTHORS: Orion Hodson
 * Copyright (c) 1999-2001 University College London
 * All rights reserved.
 * $Id: playout.h,v 1.26 2001/01/08 20:30:05 ucaccsp Exp $


#include "ts.h"

struct  s_pb;
struct  s_pb_iterator;

typedef void (*playoutfreeproc)(u_char** memblk, uint32_t blksize);

/* All functions return TRUE on success, and FALSE on failure */
int pb_create  (struct s_pb     **pb, 
                playoutfreeproc   callback);

int pb_destroy (struct s_pb **pb);

int pb_add    (struct s_pb *pb, 
               u_char*      data, 
               uint32_t      datalen,
               timestamp_t         playout);

void pb_flush (struct s_pb *pb);

int  pb_is_empty (struct s_pb *pb);

/* pb_node_count is a debugging function to count (and verify) how
 * many nodes are used in a given playout buffer.
uint32_t pb_node_count (struct s_pb *pb);

void pb_shift_back(struct s_pb *pb, timestamp_t delta);
void pb_shift_forward(struct s_pb *pb, timestamp_t delta);
void pb_shift_units_back_after(struct s_pb *pb, timestamp_t ref_time, timestamp_t delta);

uint16_t pb_iterator_count(struct s_pb *pb);

 * These following three functions return data stored in the playout buffer.  
 * The playout buffer has a playout point iterator.  playout_buffer_get 
 * returns the data at that point, advance steps to the next unit and 
 * returns that, and rewind steps to the previous unit
 * and returns that.

pb_iterator_create (struct s_pb           *pb,
                 struct s_pb_iterator **pbi);
pb_iterator_destroy (struct s_pb           *pb,
                     struct s_pb_iterator **pbi);

pb_iterator_dup (struct s_pb_iterator **pbi_dst,
                 struct s_pb_iterator *pbi_src);

pb_iterator_get_at (struct s_pb_iterator *pbi,
                    u_char              **data,
                    uint32_t              *datalen, 
                    timestamp_t                 *playout);

pb_iterator_detach_at (struct s_pb_iterator *pbi,
                       u_char              **data,
                       uint32_t              *datalen, 
                       timestamp_t                 *playout);

/* Single step movements */
pb_iterator_advance (struct s_pb_iterator *pbi);

pb_iterator_retreat (struct s_pb_iterator *pbi);

/* Shift to head / tail */

pb_iterator_ffwd (struct s_pb_iterator *pbi);

pb_iterator_rwd  (struct s_pb_iterator *pbi);

/* Trims data more than history_len before iterator */
pb_iterator_audit (struct s_pb_iterator *pi,
                   timestamp_t                  history_len);

/* Return whether 2 iterators refer to same time interval */
pb_iterators_equal(struct s_pb_iterator *pi1,
                   struct s_pb_iterator *pi2);

/* Returns whether playout buffer has data to be played out */
pb_relevant (struct s_pb *pb, 
             timestamp_t         now);

struct s_pb*
pb_iterator_get_playout_buffer(struct s_pb_iterator*);

/* Return the times of interest for playout buffer in ts, returns
 * TRUE or FALSE depending on whether request successful
int pb_get_start_ts     (struct s_pb *pb, timestamp_t *ts);
int pb_get_end_ts       (struct s_pb *pb, timestamp_t *ts);
int pb_iterator_get_ts  (struct s_pb_iterator *pbi, timestamp_t *ts);

#endif /* __UCLMM_PLAYOUT_BUFFER_H__ */

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