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 * FILE:    session.h
 * AUTHORS: Vicky Hardman + Isidor Kouvelas + Colin Perkins + Orion Hodson
 * Copyright (c) 1995-2001 University College London
 * All rights reserved.
 * $Id: session.h,v 1.115 2001/01/08 20:30:08 ucaccsp Exp $

#ifndef _session_h_
#define _session_h_

#include "net_udp.h"
#include "ts.h"
#include "audio_types.h"
#include "converter_types.h"
#include "repair_types.h"

/* This will have to be raised in the future */
#define MAX_LAYERS      2

#define MAX_ENCODINGS   7
#define MAX_NATIVE      4

#define MAX_PACKET_SAMPLES    1280

#define PORT_UNINIT     0

/* Rat mode def's */
#define AUDIO_TOOL              1
#define TRANSCODER              2
#define FLAKEAWAY               4


/*- global clock frequency -*/
#define GLOBAL_CLOCK_FREQ 96000

#define PT_VANILLA         -1
#define PT_INTERLEAVED    108
#define PT_REDUNDANCY     121       /* This has to be 121 for compatibility with RAT-3.0 */


extern int thread_pri;

typedef struct s_session {
      struct s_session  *other_session;               /* Only valid when we're a transcoder... */
        short                  id;                          /* unique session id */
      int                mode;                        /* audio tool, transcoder */
        char                  *title;
      char               asc_address[MAX_LAYERS][MAXHOSTNAMELEN+1];  
      u_short                  rx_rtp_port[MAX_LAYERS];
      u_short                  tx_rtp_port[MAX_LAYERS];
      u_short                  rx_rtcp_port[MAX_LAYERS];
      u_short                  tx_rtcp_port[MAX_LAYERS];
      int                ttl;
        struct rtp            *rtp_session[MAX_LAYERS];
        int                    rtp_session_count;
      uint8_t            layers;                /* number of layers == rtp_session_count */
        int                    filter_loopback;
        timestamp_t              cur_ts;              /* current device time */
        struct s_cushion_struct *cushion;
        struct s_audio_config   *new_config;
        struct s_mixer          *ms;
      u_char                     encodings[MAX_ENCODINGS];
      int                      num_encodings;         /* no of unique encs in used */
        struct s_channel_state  *channel_coder;
      int                      playing_audio;
      repair_id_t        repair;                      /* Loss concealment algorithm */
        converter_id_t         converter;                   /* Sample-rate Converter */
      int                lecture;                     /* UI lecture mode */
      int                render_3d;
        int                    echo_suppress;
        int                    echo_tx_active;        /* Mute state when suppressing */
      int                      auto_lecture;                /* Used for dummy lecture mode */
      int                      receive_audit_required;
      int                      silence_detection;             /* Which silence detection scheme is active off / auto / manual */
        struct s_sd*             auto_sd;
        struct s_manual_sd*      manual_sd;
        uint16_t                 manual_sd_thresh;
      int                      meter;                       /* if powermeters are on */
        uint32_t               meter_period; 
      int                ui_activated;                /* If our ssrc is highlighted in the ui */
      int                sync_on;
      int                agc_on;
        int                    ui_on;                       /* If we have a user interface... */
      struct s_sndfile        *in_file;                       /* File being transmitted over network */
        struct s_converter      *in_file_converter;             /* Input file may be at wrong rate and needs converting */
      struct s_sndfile        *out_file;                      /* File being recorded from network */
        struct s_voxlet         *local_file_player;             /* File that we are playing to ourselves (local playback) */
        struct s_tonegen        *tone_generator;                /* Tone generator for local audio test */
      audio_desc_t             audio_device;
      struct s_tx_buffer      *tb;
        struct s_pdb          *pdb;                         /* persistent participant information database.  */
        struct s_source_list  *active_sources;
        ts_sequencer           decode_sequencer;
        int                    limit_playout;
        uint32_t               min_playout;
        uint32_t               max_playout;
        uint32_t               last_depart_ts;
      struct mbus       *mbus_engine;
      char              *mbus_engine_addr;
      char              *mbus_ui_addr;
      char              *mbus_video_addr;
      int                loopback_gain;
      char              *encrkey;
      FILE              *logger;
      int                mbus_waiting;
      char              *mbus_waiting_token;
      int                mbus_go;
      char              *mbus_go_token;
      uint32_t           magic;                       /* Magic number for debugging purposes */
} session_t;

void session_init(session_t *sp, int index, int mode);
void session_exit(session_t *sp);
void session_validate(session_t *sp);

#endif /* _session_h_ */

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